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Hi all.
Iam about to submitt my application under Skilled worker points exceed 74 because i have a close relatives there.i can only afford to show a current balance letter from my bank showing the amount equivalent to US $ .i can´t right now show a bank account letter for the last 3 or 6 months because my money is being invested with my brother in canada in a fuel station.

Does anyone have had a similar situation ?
Am i advised to submitt now ?
Does any documents showing my invested money in canada help ?

your comments appreciated .

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No shared experience ??
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you need to show how you are going to support yourself once you arrive in Canada. if there is only yourself - you need to show just over $10,000. in the first application they only request an amount - no history. they will likely ask for bank statements later in the process.

So, how do you intend to support yoursel once you arrive? living with your relative is not an option for CIC.

will your brother return your investment? then that is what you tell CIC in a letter from your brother. It might still not be good enough... so what ever you can do to put CIC´s mind at ease - do it.

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Thanx sharoon..

indeed my salary is very good..i can arrange the amount in 4-5 months from my salary & incentive. .the most important is to accept my first application with a letter from the bank shows the amount..later i can show the history..

thanx again.

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there is a line item for settlement funds. you will need to substantiate your claim. future earnings is not the best. a demand load with your brother is better, unless you have equity in a house you intend to sell. (in that case you will need to show the appraisal and mortgage as back up evidence.

You sound financially astute. the issue is to show CIC that you have funds at hand (at time of application) to support your settlement


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