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Subject: Medical exams
Hi, there!
I´m taking pills to lose weight (amphetamines) and it will show in the urine exam. Do you think I will be reproved in the medicals? Does the Immigration consider it an illegal drug (as weed, etc)?
Thank you!

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I think they only check for syphilis. I don´t think you have anything to worry about.
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With the urine test they only check for sugar, protein and presence of blood.

For the blood test they only check for syphillis and HIV.
That´s it.

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they dont do drug test for urinalyis. they check for glucose, protein and blood for disease. so dont worry
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I was told there was blood cells in my urine while performing Medicals at designated site. I went to my own doctor, he said there was about 4 blood cells in a unit of my urine,the standard was like 2 or 3.Then He did a group of exams on me including blood test, urine test on multiple days and CT scan. He concluded there was nothing wrong with me. How would the Canadian Medical result affect the immigration process if any. Any response is greatly appreciated!

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