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Subject: april 2004 applicant
  orderd caips last november2005, it shows bfd to detroit may 2010.my file has not been transferd to detroit yet although they sent me letter that it will which i received in jan 2005 with the IA and medical forms stating that they will send another letter to tell me that the transfer has been done.but as of now it is still in Buffalo. sent email, replied still requesting info from other agencies.

my question is why 2010!!!!. why has´t been transferd yet to detroit.some people applied in 2005 and their file got transferd. very confusing. about to order caips again
SW type
april 2004
aor may 2004
IA jan 2005
sent me medicals with IA but have not done it yet. waitting for interview date.

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A lot of people have this BFD date. I don´t think it is anything to worry about. It doesn´t literally mean 2010. It´s probably some system requirement. Dont worry about it.
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don´t worry. I am jan 2004 applicant. i have been waiting for my pp request for almost 18 months.
i get stuck
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