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Subject: waiting on police clearance
  hey guys my wife has sponser me but on the document checklist i didnt have my police clearance from my home country but we submittied the application anyways imigration has started processing my application since november but i´m still waiting on my clearance from my home country can this delay the process?
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You need police clearance certificate from the places you have lived more than six months since your 18th birthday. If you don?t fulfill this requirement ? delay or refusal will be their.
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Jim, don´t worry too much.

In my case, I did NOT submit Police Clearance when I was applying. But I´ve got IA without any delay or refusal. Also they did NOT ask my home country´s Record so far. Now I have been living in Canada 3 yrs. as a graduate student.

Just add to submit your Police Clearance after getting it.

Good Luck!!

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