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Subject: Send finger prints to RCMP
  Dear Sharon and other friends,

Canadian High Commission Islamabad has asked me to send RCMP certificate. I have to send my finger prints to RCMP in Canada from Pakistan to get RCMP certificate. All is done but now the point is that I have to mail finger prints to RCMP in Canada and RCMP will only send me / CH Islamabad only if a prepaid evelop is attached with the fingers prints.

No international mailing servince provide prepaid evelop service including DHL and Fedex. Local postal stamps from Pakistan I am are not acceptable if some one wants to send mail from Canada.

Has any one of you have gone through this similiar experience and please share your ideas. Remember I am living in Pakistan but now in Canada.

Secondly, I have heard it takes like 140 days with RCMP to get RCMP certificate and the process starts once RCMP recives the finger prints.

I am sure your advice will be very helpful.


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Just let me clear few typo errors. I live in Pakistan and NOT in canada.


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