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  I´m ready now to send the application to CIC office:
Is?t save to send the envelope of the application forms and all the most important documents of mine and my family members by the normal mail or it should be registered????????

Please advice and if there any recommendations before sending the application .

Thank you.

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what do you think? its common sense really!
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You can throw all of them in gutter Dude they will reach CIC.
What sort of question is that on an immigration board...?

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It really depends where you are sending it from. If you believe the mailing system is reliable, then send it via regular mail. Otherwise, play it safe. I sent mine via regular mail and it got there fine, but I have to say I was anxious until I got the AOR.
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Thank u MS
any recommendations before sending the application ?

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Make sure that you have collected all the supporting docs. Recheck spellings, signature, etc. Arrange them according to the checklist provided on CIC website. Put them into a strong envelope and send them by a registered post or courier.

Good luck

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thank you so much.

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Registered mail (USA) is safest and most secure for valuable or hard to replace documents, like transcripts, fingerprint cards, etc. It´s worth the eight dollars or so for one´s peace of mind, and you can track receipt on the Web. Good luck and don´t check your mail for at least a year to stay sane. (registered stuff is sent in a locked box)
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Check to see if there are any empty fields and write N/A in them (if they are not applicable). My application was returned for that reason.
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