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Subject: Processing time inquiry
  After 17 months from my AOR, I received a letter from the Visa office stating that I do not need an interview and I should undergo medical exams. They also requested me to pay the Right of Permanent residence fees and provide the latest police certificates within 60 days.

Q1. Does this mean that after these final requirements, my visa will be released soon? How long?

Q2. Will the processing times from this point to visa release also vary with offices from different countries?

Q3. Will the processing time from this point be longer if I stayed in more than 1 country in the past?

Q4. Do you guys think my background check is already finished or they will just do that after my security (police) check?

Q5. Who does all the work from this point, CIC Canada or the local Visa Office on my current country of residence?

Really hope you can spare some time enlightening me, thanks.

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You asked very ambiguous questions.
I could tell that individual approach is something you need here.
I individually coul say
1. no obvious. 4-... months
2. yes and depend on individual story too
3. probably yes
4. not finished, but begins
5. Local office and if you could submitt additional documents it will be an asset.
Good luck, boloxis

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