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  I lived in Canada for almost 2 years with my fiance who is canadian, on a visitor´s permit. On my last application to extend my stay in Canada, it was turned down and I had to return home to New Zealand by the expiry date (Feb 13th 2006), which I did. The reason why I stayed in Canada on a visitor´s permit only without applying for PR was due to the fact that my fiance´s divorce was not fianlised and we made the mistake of waiting in the hope that it would eventuate during my allowed stay in the country - but of course, as you can see, it did not happen. I was home In New Zealand, less than a week when he received the news that he would be a ´divorcee´ by the end of the month. My problem is, we are both suffering under the strain of being separated and are desperate to get back together again. We are going through the process of filling in the Sponsorship forms PR forms, (me as the principal applicant, and he as my sponsor) but the waiting time seems so interminably long. Prior to my leaving Canada I had come to this forum seeking advice, and there was one in particular from a ´Mr Canada´ who went that one step further and offered assistance in ways of my being able to return to Canada if we needed it. My fiance emailed him a few days ago but has had no response back. We are now talking about my fiance coming to New Zealand and us getting married here, then returning to Canada and see what the outcome would be. If you are wonderng ´why settle in Canada?´ and ´why does he not consider moving to NZ?´, the answers to those questions are, he has his own small established business in the printing trade and, he has young children from his previous marriage.

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...and that New Zealand sucks, comparing to Canada
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Processing times are fast for NZ as it goes through the Sydney Consulate. Apply as common-law partners if you lived together for more then 1 year. Supply lots of evidence of your relationship and I bet you will get your PR visa within 3 months. I just completed my PR application ( I´m in Melbourne Aus ) and I got my PR visa in just under 3 months from the date I sent it off to Mississauga. Another Aussie applied the same time as me and he also got his PR visa the same day as me.
I know its hard being separated but its life. I will be landing in 2 weeks so my wait is over.

I would also come on over to as the members are more civilized then here and will offer you advice without the childish insults.


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Whatever you do, do NOT do it from inside Canada. I applied in Jan 05 and although I can now work, I STILL don´t have PR. Ridiculous, especially as you can get it in under 3 months elsewhere. If you have the money, apply to New Zealand and come over here while you wait, that way you can be together in the meantime. If not, I suggest applying to NZ and waiting it out, and if all that matters is that you´re together, apply in Canada. Good luck.

If you get a valid marriage certificate, and then if you sponsor from Canada, you have a fair chance of getting your PR visa within a month or so. My friend has got married outside Canada (he´s a Canadian) and then sponsored his wife. She landed in Canada within two months, I guess! Not sure how it works with the common-law-partner stuff, though it´s a good try. It might work!
Good luck!

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"If you get a valid marriage certificate, and then if you sponsor from Canada, you have a fair chance of getting your PR visa within a month or so."

That´s rubbish. Current waiting time is 6-7 months for AIP whether it´s common law or marriage (it´s the same paperwork!). They must have sponsored her outside Canada or it was a long time ago.

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"If you get a valid marriage certificate, and then if you sponsor from Canada, you have a fair chance of getting your PR visa within a month or so."

Impossible. the fastest way is to apply from out side Canada. You have to wait at least 6 weeks from the date you send off your papers just to get an answer on the sponsorship. It is however possible to get your Visa and COPR withing a month of the sponsorship approval. Here is my time line for The Sydney consulate and a NZ application also goes through Sydney

MISSISSAUGA received my application on Nov 14 2005
MISSISSAUGA Started Processing it on Dec 10 2005
MISSISSAUGA approved sponsorship Jan 3 2006

SYDNEY Started Processing my application on Jan 5 2006
SYDNEY Requested Passport Feb 9 2006
Passport sent registered post Feb 9 2006
Got my passport back Feb 20 2006 with visa and COPR

Total time From when MISSISSAUGA received my application to when I got my passport back stamped = 98 days

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...meanwhile, a year after applying inland, some of us are still waiting... DO IT OUTSIDE!

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