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Subject: I got PPR
  Hi everybody!
I received the yellow envelope with the PPR today (I am in the US). I never posted before, but I was on this forum every day, for the last 7 months to get information, advice and moral support from you. It´s time to give a little back, so here is my timeline:
Applied as SW (Quebec )
CSQ (Certificat de Selection du Quebec) -February 22 2005
File sent to Buffalo - May 2 2005
AOR - May 19 2005
Request for medicals - June 28 2005
Medicals completed - July 12, 2005
RPRF paid - August 3, 2005
PPR - March 6, 2005

My e-cas still says "We started processing you application on...", nothing about medicals being received...

Thank you for all your help and I wish everybody good luck!

I got PPR
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PPR - March 6, 2006

I got PPR
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Did you ever got a response from Buffalo that "your case will be review for finalization early 2006". I am also csq based applicant.
Sent app to buffalo on may?05. meds were done on August?05. Now waiting for passport request.

If you don´t mind me asking you...what nationality are you?

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I got the "early 2006" answer to an email I sent back in December 2005. I am from Eastern Europe.
I got PPR
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Hmm, I applied with CSQ to Buffalo in August 2005. I was starting to get worried, but I guess it does take that long... (I´m from eastern Europe too).
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The Quebec Immigration officer who interviewed us in New York told us, after handing us the CSQ, that Buffalo usually takes one year (or less) to make a final decision, from the time you submit your file. Hang in there, it´s coming!
I got PPR
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