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Subject: Buffalo Stamping
Got PP stamped in Buffalo. It was a smooth process. Almost, exactly like how one of the older posts read.
HSBC center is located in the center of Buffalo downtown. A free train ride from any hotels downtown to Seneca station and walk a couple blocks to the building. I was there by 7:45 am. A lady comes out by 8am, takes people in groups of 10.
It took a about 15 minutes in there. They collected passports, request letter and photos. Asked us to come back 1:30pm. I spent time at hotel and went back at 1:30 pm. They had the passports stamped ready. it was a good experience.
My advice to people who travel from long distances- book a hotel downtown, make use of the downtown free ride, and courtesy hotel shutttle Works out cheaper.

Good luck!

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Nice! You must be partying all night :)


J Curious
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the shuttle is running between the hotel and Seneca Station?
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