do the medical or wait little bit more??

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Subject: do the medical or wait little bit more??
  Hi everyone. I have received medical with the IA dated nov 2004 but got it on jan05. it says cic advise to wait until i ger letter for interview then do the medical. well we are februarry 2006 and I was wondering if I should go ahead and do it although my file has not been transfferd yet to detroit as it is on background check according to an email from cic.
here is my timeline:
aplication received april 2004
IA: on IA with medicals itself nov04 but received jan05(according to caips 74points)interview required in detroit, file will be transferd has not been transferd yet from buffalo. no document required.

so should I go ahead and do the medical or wait more for the interview letter then do it. I appreciate you heplp and advice.
thank you and good luck everyone

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According to the instruction I have received along with IA, I believe you should wait, besides, medical exam is not cheap at all. Here is the letter (g61_e.wpd 08/05) says:

1. All fees......

2. Please bring.....

3. An applicant.....

4. The issuance.....

5. IMPORTANT: Immigration medical results are only valid for 12 months from the date of the examination. If you have been notified that you will be required to attend a personal interview at a visa office, you should not/not schedule medical examination(s) until you ave received your interview notice. This will reduce the risk of expiry of medical results before completion of the processing of your application.

6. It is possible.....

7. It is recommended.....

8. To avoid unnecessary.....

Good Luck

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thanks john
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