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Subject: A few questions on application

I was wondering how long the whole immigration process takes, from the time you submit your application until the go signal to enter Canada. 5 years? or a bit more?

Has anyone tried submitting their application without taking the IELTS? I noticed that you can submit other documentation to prove your proficiency in English or French if you don´t take the IELTS. Does it make the interview more difficult? Does it make the approval harder to get?

Thanks. :)

hey sail (in reply to: A few questions on application)
well, regarding processing time, it is totaly depend on form where are you applying.
india -- 4 to 5 years
canda and US -- 1.5 year

if u have canada work permit --- 1 year

u can go without IELTS but chances of getting an interview are higher without IELTS. u could not waive ur interview without giving ielts.

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ok, thanks.

I have an additional question, is it very difficult to get a job in Canada if you are an immigrant?
I came across this webpage on immigrants having a difficult time getting a regular 9 to 5 job in Canada.
Do you really need to retake your degree in a Canadian University?
I´m trying to get information on the pros & cons before I start applying.

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As Hiren said, CIC asks IELTS for almost all applicants whose 1st language is NOT English. IELTS is one of the simplest and reliable way for CIC to know about your English proficiency rather than going thru the documents.

We all applicants hope to get a good job in Canada and the work opportunities depend upon your skills/field of work. Please visit some of the job websites and find out eg. workopolis.com. Some other experts here, will also help you.

Good luck.

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Well some of the professions like medical needs additional exmas and study for froeigners but its not like that you can never get a 9-5 job.......if you are taleneted enough to prove yourself and you have the degrees in demand then i am sure you can get a job.....and job is not the only opportunity one should look for when immigrating to canada, you can start your owm business yar, dont listen what others say about jobs, just look at yourself how much potential you have to survive and establish in a new place.
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I can refer you to the most reliable and authenticated information available at the Canadian Parliament website. Please read at http://www.parl.gc.ca/information/library/PRBpubs/bp190-e.htm
Hopefully, this will give you the information you are looking for.

How long (in reply to: A few questions on application)
Unfortunately time of processing depends on many factors that we can´t control.
Even from Canada with work permit and relible job it can take around two years to get final papers.
Life is life. But immigration process sometimes slow down all biological processes inside...

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okay, thanks for the info :)
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