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Subject: Need Canadian Immigration Help?
  Over 200,000 people immigrate to Canada every year from around the world. Although many see the process as being a simple one, it can sometimes become difficult and confusing. Simple mistakes in the application process can result in extremely lengthy delays or even result in an application being denied.

Immigration laws in Canada have changed and continue to be modified. We can aid you in your application process as well as initial assessments in all application types: Visitor and Student Visas; Landed Immigrant/Skilled Worker Application; Family Reunification; and more.

Feel free to contact us at for assistance.

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every law firm claims the same. Whats special about you??

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Difference is that I have spent the last five years working with Government Officials and Citizenship and Immigration Canada in re-writing the most recent verison of Canada´s Immigration Law (which can be found for vieweing at working to better Canada´s Immigration system (processing, wait times, etc.). So essentially, a former insider now on the outside.
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So you are the one who has made these rules?
waiting time is increasing everyday and processing has become more complicated. What good you have done for potential immigrants. As you mentioned in your post, "Although many see the process as being a simple one, it can sometimes become difficult and confusing"
So you have spent last five years to make such rules and now for rest of your life you want us to pay you huge amounts to understand these tules.
good work

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If you would like to continue this banter, I would be happy to communicate with you via direct email.

You have missed my point entirely. Futhermore, I do not feel I need to justify my political affiliations to you. I worked with those who were trying to solve the problems which exist in CIC...why should people have to wait up to 6 years plus in some counties for applications to be processed? Why does CIC have such a backlog that they could process applications for more than 20 years even if they don´t accept new ones?

We worked hard to try to make the system under the new law as fair as we possibly could, but under the government that enacted the law, they had the final say as they had a majority, and so I guess if your a Canadian and you voted for them, then its really your fault isn´t it?

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Hey MrCanada

Just a curiousity, are you an indian ? I have heard that Indians become an expert on immigration after waiting for 5 or six years for their application and they arrive in Canada and find no jobs then they open their firm, clever people hehehe....Well Mr Canada I wish you more and more idiots so that you can make money...if they can not understand CIC site and fill in applications, well let them MILK MILK...good luck MrfakeCanada

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