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Subject: HI LONDON
  Hi every one,

I applied as skilled worker through a law firm in 2002 through London.
Attended Interview November 29, 2004)
The immigration officer was very nice and told us at the end of the Interview that (we should have no problem, but make sure you bring this amount of money with you to Canada) referring to my bank statement and end of service benefits certificate form my current company.
In 24 Aug 2005 we received our medical paper along with a request to pay RPRF, We did the required in addition to a letter requesting to change of address and sent them all through DHL to the CIC London, yet my e-CLIENT status show the same status without any response from them.

E- Client: We started processing your application on September 17, 2004.
Interview scheduled for November 29, 2004

Your valuable comments or predictions are very much appreciated

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Hi Ali,

Please do not bother about the e-client updates. You should receive your visas any time now. Make sure that your change of address has been taken note by CIC London.
Where have you applied from ???

Good Luck

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Hi Any

thanks for your comments, I have applied from Oman in the middle east through London, the address change request was sent to them along with the RPRF through DHL
Good luck to you too Any

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