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Subject: Calling all experts!!
  Good day.

I´m a Feb 2001 application from New Delhi.

I got 3 letters from CHC Delhi in December 2005, details are as below -

1. Interview Waiver letter
2. Medical forms
3. Request for RPRF and processing fee for daugther and spouse.
4. Request for Recent Police Certificate/latest Photos/Funds proof

The Medical letter also states "As requested earlier, You must forward original valid passports for yourself and accompanying family members after undergoing medicals........"

i´ve already sent everything they asked for and underwent medicals last week. Now should i forward my passport to them, or should i wait for the ´official´ PPR??? Please help as i´m very confused on this issue.

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Dear Raman,

Always follow what they say.


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India has a different procedure compared to Buffalo. Follow the instructions in your letter.
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