PPR received with Medicals-What does it mean? -- 2

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Subject: PPR received with Medicals-What does it mean? -- 2
  Thank you for posting your comments guys, however i think i didnt clarify everything properly in my earlier post.

I?ll give you the history of case first -

Application Sent - Jan 2001
Acknowledgement - Feb 2001
Filled up new forms due to changed rules - Jan 2004
REquest for RPRF+New photographs+Medicals+Police certificate - Dec 2005

FYI-I never underwent medicals before and this will be the first time and hopefully the last time i?m going for medicals. I?m looking at the medical letter right now and will type the passport related text here as it appears on the letter "PASSPORTS: As you were informed in our earlier correspondence, after you have undergone your medical examination you must forward original valid passports to this office for yourself and each family member for whom you have applied for a visa. Please ensure that your surname is endorsed on your passport. At the same time you must also submit, if you have not already submitted them, any photos or height/eye color information that was requested in that earier correspondence."

i´ve already sent them all the documents and fees they wanted me to pay and i´ll undergo medicals this Saturday.

Now i´ve following questions - Does the passport related text which i typed above, sound like a PPR? should i immediately forward my PP to them after medicals or should i wait before they say that my medicals were ok? Should i send any photographs with the PP(they already asked for my recent photographs and i´ve already sent the photographs alongwith RPRF and other docs)?

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It simply means when you see your designated Doctor for the medicals you have to take your passports with you, (FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY)it doesnt mean anything else. After they recieve your medicals if everything is ok, they will either call you for an interview or write a letter to send them your passports....
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