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I have applied through CIC London while residing in UAE, around 8 months ago.I got my AOR but IA hasn´t done yet, it may take a year or so,fortunately I got a Study permit to Study in Canada.

will I receive my mails from CIC London to Canada on my new updated address or do I suppose to request the change of center to Buffalo.
Please help, I know if I ask this question to some attorney they will make the hill out of molls and give me useless stress.


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if you plan to stay in Canada for long time (years) then you can ask for a file transfer to Buffalo, otherwise your file will stay in London, and it does not really make a big difference.
regarding address , you must update your address with CHC london and tell them that you moved to Canada once you have done so, in the same time you can either keep your mailing address in ksa or change it to your new address in Canada, it would be entirely up to you and again it does not make a big difference regarding timeing or anything, as long as you receive their letters there should be no problem.
good luck

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