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Subject: A question (SW from US)
  Ok guys,

I need some info. So I did my Medical, will send my W2 tax forms by end of this month, what is next?

I already done my FBI criminal check and it was OK. Is there a background check? If so what is a background check. From what I hear, it seems that CIC will contact Schools, Employers to verify your application. How can they do that without a consent from me?
Plus what happns if one of those employers (which in my case) is no longer in business (Chapt 11 and closed doors few motnhs agao)?

Please advise!

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Hi AH,

When you submitted your immigration aplication you filled in a background declaration form (IMM008 - Schedule 1). On the last page of this form you gave consent to disclose your personal information to the Canadian immigration officials.

Background check is done by visa post processing application, with help of other visa posts in countries where education and experience credential may came from. It verifies your claimed background data, educational and experience credentials.

Security check (also called background/security check) is conducted completely outside Immigration by Canadian intelligence and security agencies, with or without cooperation of proper authorities in all countries you resided in since age 18 (for some national since age 16). It looks deep (very deep) into your background, life, activities and associations to see if you are or ever were involved and/or are or were associated in any way with someone who is or was involved in terrorism, espionage, organized crime, crimes against humanity, radical groups, etc.

Depending on your background, nationality, countries you resided in and other factors these checks may take anywhere from few monthe to over a year to complete.

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It seems the background check is not as thorough for US applicants. Neither of my past employers were contacted, so if the company has closed, I would not really worry about it.

It sounds like you are in good shape and just need to sit tight and wait (the hardest part of the process).

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Hey Ah,

terrible news for you, they will find your old school mates, get information about them and also your ex girlfriends to see whether you kissed them without permission and then they will check whether you have stolen any fruits from your neighbour´s garden...After that they will check all phone numbers in your country and see whether you disturbed anyone...They will also check the markets in your country to see if you have stolen any chocolate bars or chewing gums...

Hehem you will soon be busted !!!!

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To the last person who posted:

No very funny. We are here to get real info and we do not need jokers like you in this forum. Try standup Comedy!

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dear AH.,
The problem with you guys is that, without searching in this forums for your answer which has been answered before umpteen times, you keep posting the same questions over and over again.So what do you expect,you lazy bugger.If somebody gives shit,take it rather than critisizing the person because guys like you keep posting the same shit over and over again.

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Why do not you get LOST BOSS. You do not own this forum, so shut up and get lost. Lazy my ass.
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AH seems if you have a lazy ass attached to your body everyone makes fun of you. See I can find some humour though your post sucks here now I am serious, USE YOUR LITTLE BRAIN AND LEARN TO SEARCH and stop posting fucking shit over and over again, (Now.. I guess the CIC will also check any mental hospitals you have been to and try to get an answer for ´ Has he got a brain?´ )such issues have been discussed again and again here...Those good and supportive people have discussed your post here again and again ...So shut the fuck up and do a search ...and smile...
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