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Subject: Unwritten loop holes
  Checklist from Buffalo http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/guides/E37048.pdf
clearly shows that police report is required when you submit the application.

However in looking at the forum it is clear that people here are aware of unwritten rules that allows an application to be accepted by CIC without the police report.

I submitted my police report along with my application to the Kuala Lumpur visa post, now I am wondering if I have wasted my time collecting the police reports (which really took a long time in Malaysia.

Any opinion is wellcome

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i also submitted police report with app in buffalo (07/05)
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Man there are no unwritten rules or loop holes here. You have to understand that everyone in this forum is not in Malysia, and besides if it is required then it is submitted by almost all applicants. The thing that you might be confusing is the fact that the applicants living in the U.S are asked to turn in their finger print reports as well.

Dude if you think you wasted your time in obtaining police report (which is only gonna help in processing), it doesn´t mean you need to waste our time by posting the same post a number of times... Take it easy!!! it´s a long process in the first place anyways. A month here or there won´t make a big difference.


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Hi Ang,

There are no loop holes. You should have checked with CIC KL when gathering the required documents. I emailed them and got a prompt reply that the police clearance would be asked later because its validity is only 12 months from the date of issue. CIC KL probably needs more than 12 months to finalize our applications.

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I don´t think you wasted your time. It will depend on the officer looking at your case to decide if she/he shall accept the report as final, or to ask another at a later date. There are no unwritten rules, there is only the rules and judgement of the officer looking your case. Maybe they are pleased that you have read instructions properly and submitted all asked. So keep a positive attitude, everything will be OK.
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Thanks everyone. Well at least this information gets lodged in this forum so that that others can avoid making the mistake I have made. I hope starwars is right!
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