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If I were you I would send my passport along with a copy of the email I got from them.

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To all ,

My timeline is as follows:

AOR : Nov 2004
IA : Dec 2004
Medicals: Dec 2004
E-client : " Medicals received in Dec 12,2005 "
Response from e-mail : " Your application for permanent residence will be reviewed for finalization early 2006".

BF´D is Jan 13 ,2006 . Background check seems to be complete but no 1 next to BDEC.Also an important note in caips : " Paper file sent to LH ,RFV " , which i believe ready for visa.

I got letter from buffalo in response to my letter saying : Your file is with the officer for final review and medicals are valid till march 2006"

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Hang in there my friend, you are almost there :)
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AOR : Nov 2004
IA : Dec 2004

are you SW applicant? Only ONE month from AOR to IA!!!???


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