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Congrats for the PPR :)

Had you ordered CAIPS notes before you got the PPR? If yes, what did it say about the background check.


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yo bro CanadianWannabe I dont have my PPR request yet, I got my interview waived in my IA and medicals done. So I am still waiting for my PPR, I just got my IA on Nov second week and medicals done last week. So long ways to go for me I guess. What stage are you in now? No I have not ordered CAIPS yet.
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Sorry Buagti,

I addressed this question to the wronge person :) I ment to ask J.P.

Anyway, I have been waiting for the PPR and my midecal expired last month. Ordered CAIPS notes twice, seems like BG check is still in process and I might have been selected for background interview (what i understod from CAIPS)


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