We got it!

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Subject: We got it!
Believe it or not ,but today we got our passport request letter!:)it´s unbelievable!
Hope u guys get yours as soon as possible.

Happy New year

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can you share your time line pls.
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I remember, we had a very similar time-line with you, can you remind it, please and tell me what your e-case says?
Thank you

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can you please tell us when u got ur IA, was ur interview waived or not, when did u take and send in ur medicals? and how long after u sent in ur medicals did u get PP request?? did they ask for any documents with PP request?? cmon yo give us some details bro
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thank uuuuuuuuu!you can´t imagine How happy I am!!!
ok,here is my timeline:
Applied to buffalo Sep 03
IA-oct 03
Medicals-June 04
Documents-Oct 04

by the way,we sent them many faxes and in response of the last one,they told us they couldn´t gurantee any timeline to finalize our case! not even early 2006!

hell: ofcourse I remeber u.don´t worry ,you will get yours soon!:) about my ecase,it ´s still in precess ,but "medicals recieved" was added in oct after a year and half!

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Thank you very much
And I believe I know how happy you are, it´s actually the best present to the New 2006 Year!
you will remember it forever!!!!!!!
Congratulations again, best wishes and good luck in New Life (very close to it) :)))))))))))

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congratulations. i hope i will get mine soon.
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I wish you a happy new life, good luck in your trip.

From Fort McMurray, Alberta .....

Welcome to Canada.

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Welgo to canada.

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Hey Andy:

What do you do in Fort McMurray? I´ll be moving there in last week of April to work full time for a mining company.