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Subject: Good news for persons waiting visa....
  Dear Friends,
Today I got reply from CIC for the question I asked from them abt the quota system. Is it a rumour or reality. So following is the reply from CIC.

Canada has a carefully managed and controlled immigration program that is committed to maintaining a balance of 60% economic immigrants and 40% non-economic immigrants, including family class, refugees, and those in need of protection. For further information on how this is managed, please see

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration?s April 2005 announcement regarding measures to speed up the processing of applications for parents and grandparents as members of the family class has compelled our office to devote resources to this effort. As a result, delays may be ensued in the issuance of other types of permanent resident visas.

We currently anticipate issuing visas in the Skilled Worker class within the first three months of 2006 for cases where the medical examination results will expire after February 2006.

We continue to make every effort to render our processing as efficient as possible with the resources available and according to priorities established by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and hope that this responds to your enquiry.

We trust this information is of assistance.

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Raman: Thanks for updating us. I must admit, CIC confuses me. Issuing in the first three months for people whose medical expires after February. Does that mean they will issue pprs in March for people whose meds expired in February? Does it mean they will issue in March for people whose meds expire in November? Why don´t they just say things clearly? Nonetheless, any statement from the oracle is worthy of examination.
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My take on the statement (and it is just my take) is that Buffalo has issued or is in the process of issuing visas for those people whose meds expire in January or February. For those whose meds expire after February, CIC will resume processing their applications in 2006 and issue visas within the first three months of the year.

I assume this only applies to persons whose files were ready for visa issuance, but whose visas could not be issued because CIC needed to maintain a 60/40 skilled worker/family class split.

By the way, my meds expire May 13. I am hoping against hope that I get a visa before April. January would be nice.

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