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Subject: One question pls!!!!
  Hi guys,

As i have mentioned earlier, i have my interview scheduled on Jan 22, 2006 at Abu Dhabi, middle east. I have applied from immigration in Dec 2003 with AOR Feb 2004. As in the middle east, you have to keep ur passport with your employer it becomes very difficult to ask them each time for each need of immigration. For the interview i will need my passport and after a while(if i pass) i will need it for medicals.......I was wondering if it is possible to send CIC London a request if they could give me my medical form once the interview is over so that before returning the passport to my office i can have both interview and medicals done.....Do you think by requesting this, i will have any adverse effects in my application processing time or the whole process? If you have any idea kindly let me know at the earliest.....thanks in advance.......

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passport is not your employers property , but is the property of your home country which is issued to you fro travel and identity . i cant imagine some one holding your passprt for ransom. what sort of country is this?

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SYD You have no idea In middle east employee is treated like a slave.I have no idea about the other middle eastern countries but it is sure for UAE.
The more big organization the more slave emplyee would be.
Cat looks really in a miserable state becuse its very very h ard to ask frequently from employers for PP.

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hello Syd,

I am surprised that you have not much knowledge of the middle east working patterns.....if i am not wrong u are also from middle are here on your employer´s sponsorship and they do have some right over our passports if we want to continue in service here and as far as i am concerned i do not want to take any drastic steps before i get my PR at hands.....Still my question remains unanswered!!!

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Hi Cat,
I think there is no harm informing them about your situation at the interview. Just tell them what you have mentioned in your post during interview.
It is really against the human rights. It means you can´t even travel without their permission. What if you want to go for holidays? Fist you have to apply for the leave and then apply for handing over YOUR own passport to you?
Why don´t you guys complain about this system?
I know you are working there to have a better life for you and your siblings back home. You don´t have any other option but to follow the rule. But at least you can raise a voice against this cruel rule. Come on we are in 21st century. Dark Age rules should not be applied at this age. Rules are made to improve the life of people not to make them slaves. I know highly skilled people in IT medicine engineering industry etc are working out there. These people should raise this issue with higher authorities and should complain about it.


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It is true that some employers keep the passports of their employees in the middle east, but this is illegal, and against the law even in those countries, but illegal things happen a lot in such countries even such things happen in many democratic countries, and if you want to make money in those places you have to follow their rules, legal or illegal...Last year I read an article about some women working at some striptease clubs in Denmark, their employers also kept their passports so that they would not escape... is it legal to keep others passport in Denmark? No way ... well shit happens.. .
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dear cat
i live also in KSA and here is some ideas:
you want to make post graduate studies in any non practical feild in university in your country
you want your passport to make an official agency to your prother or father from your embassy it may take 10 days to be finished !!!!

after that you want your passport again to make an official photocopy to send it to your country !!!!

for the same reason you have to take vacation 2 weeks to do an written exam ( these 2 weeks to travel to canada and take you PRC and come back again )
in your official vacation may be 2 months go to canada and looking for work :)))
no way you must be layer to finish this job :))) and i am sure when you return your passport back no one will check the passport stamps me !!


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I am sorry , i used a wrong expression i mean you have to be not must be lier
GOD with you
good luck

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