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I remember I read somewhere that the reason for allowing one year post graduate employment (at the beginning in all regions and later changed to two years in sellected areas) was to permit former students to settle in Canada by applying for PR. In a way, a system that would direct the investment Canada made by educating these people into the Canadian industry.

Now, with the increse in processing times, I think it would make sense to either increase this timeframe to three years for small cities and two years for crowded cities or to allow temporary workers to stay and work in canada until a decision is made regarding their applications.

What do you think and what are the chances for this scenario to be put in practice?


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for students in Canada, the best bet is PNP instead of federal.
Departure bay
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Yes but PNP is not offered to all provinces...not in ON definitely.
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Have you received any IELTS request? How late in the process do you think they can ask for it?
I think you received AOR 9 months ago. Am I right?
My AOR is April. I hope I won´t get any IELTS request.
I think the chances to get the request after IA are quite slim. So if IA comes without IELTS request, we´re good to go!

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To answer the question actually asked in the original post, the idea isn´t bad in principle. However I´m personally in favour of finding ways to expedite the immigration process, rather than provide workarounds for some people because the process takes so long.

As for the chances of it happening, does it really matter what anyone in this forum thinks? You´re better off sending an email with the suggestion to the minister´s office where someone might just take notice.

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