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Subject: Help is needed
  Hi all and thanks everyone for providing useful discussion forums and information related to immigration. I am a skilled worker applicant from Turkey and would like to get some information related to my immigration application.
Summmary: Documents all aproved, and I was asked
a. to have my medical examinations done,(did this in April and my doctor sent it to the appropriate address)
b. to provide them Police reports from the country where I studied before(Australia) (did this In June and the results were sent to the embassy in August)
c. also I was asked to have my daughter´s medical examinations done (even though I am not taking her with me to canada) in case I might want to sponsor her later, (But though I expressed my wish to have my daughter´s medical examination done in April 2005 they have not sent the required form(s) to take my daughter to the doctor since April 18)
1. Does having being asked to have my medical examination done mean that I am not required to have an interview?
2.How long will it take them to answer my mentioned concerns abouve- though I sent them several letters -? And why they dont send me any documents to have my daughters medical examinations done since April 2005?
I would be happy to share your experiences if you have similar experiences or problems. Thanks

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Hi Instructor,

When they told you to get the medical done for your daughter didnt they include the medicl form?

If they did not include the medical form did you write a letter requesting them to issue the medical form for your daughter?

You should immediately write a letter to the Canadian consulate handling your case and explain it to them that you have not received the medical form for your daughter. Request them to issue her medical form as soon as possible.

Unless your daughter clears the medical your case will not be approved.

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Hey Kenny thanks for the information mate lucky me I got her nedical form today ( lol are they reading my comments here ??? heheheh) and taking her the doctor. By the way now I got another question, considering my daughters education here in my own country I didnt include her in my application (becasue I thought I might arrive in canada before her education ends so I didnt want to interrupt her education) but now it seems that by the time I get my PR she will have finished her education so she ccan join me to Canada. Do you think If I write a letter to the embassy and tell them now I want to take my daughter with me, will it cause a lot of problems ? (Of course I will submit the second page of the application form where I will indicate her as an accompanying member, financial fundings for 2 people, copies of her Id and passaport etc,... ?Thanks your reply will highly be appreciated..
status of my passaport case (in reply to: Help is needed)
I need to know if my passaport application is coming to day.

Edna Luque
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