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Subject: Arranged Employment -Applicants
Hi Guys , Just wondering if any of the arranged employment applicants have found that their applications is processed faster in Buffalo ??

My Lawyer had submitted a letter to CIC Buffalo stating that mine was an arranged employment application and it should be considered for expedited processing

Candice : Guess you are the only one I know of .. Just curios to know if there are any other applicants..

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Hey Coolio, I think JCurious has arranged employment as well. I dont think anything has moved any faster for either of us. We´ll have a better idea during PPR times. Who knows. What´s your timelines anyway.
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no!!!!!!!stupid CIC buffalo, other office has faster
process if you have job offer, I guess PNP is the only way to go

departure bay
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Thats pretty sad , that CIC Buffalo doesnt really care for AOE opinion as it takes almost 2 mths to just get an arranged employment approval from HRDC .., for some reason my lawyer David Cohen( seems confident that arranged employment applications are processed within a year´s time..

My Timelines

Applied : Aug 8 2005
AOR : Sep 1 2005
Additional Docs Asked :IELTS on Sept 20 2005

Iam on a work permit in Canada and permit is valid until July 2006 , Hope I hear some news by then ..

Candice: Are u going thru a lawyer or did u submit it on ur own..

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Hi Coolio. It´s been over a year now since I applied and I still haven´t even received my IA yet. No I didn´t go through a lawyer. I´m hoping that the time b/w medicals and PPR will be shorter with AEO. Let´s see. Time will tell. Good luck to you.
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