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Subject: For Rink Rats
for the Rink Rats out there, I host Adults Rec Tournamets at Canlan Ice Sport ~ Scarborough, on Friday days 8:30am to 3:00pm and Saturday nights 12:30am to 6:00am

Only for $225.00 (Days) or $245.00 (Nights) per team.

If you and your friends or coworks have a dayoff and want to play some great hockey, contact me via email or by phone at 416.412.0404 ext.230

See you soon

Michael Orlotti ~ Sales Manager

Michael Orlotti
Discount on your rink (in reply to: For Rink Rats)
Any discount if we book it for a whole season?

(in reply to: For Rink Rats)
Give me a call
Michael Orlotti

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