998 Class B 15W AIS Buoy for Fishing Net Tracking (Canadian Hockey)

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Subject: 998 Class B 15W AIS Buoy for Fishing Net Tracking
Key Specifications/Special Features:
998B (15W) is self-developed AIS fishing net tracking buoy, allow you to get an accurate location at night, in rain, and fog
Do not worry about losing your fishing net anymore, saving your time and fuel
998B (15W) AIS fishing net tracking buoy unit uses advanced AIS technology to transmit the combined data that include the unique ID and the position of a net and the data can be received effectively by the vessel equipped with AIS device, then easily recognized and find back the nets with 998B (5W)
Also it can avoid collision accidents by other boats
Longtime battery, more than 480 hours each time
Smart GPS antenna module allows an excellent GPS signal receiving
Stable and reliable RF performance
High-level waterproofing protection up to IPX7
Max power is 15W
Distance or range for searching ship is between 8 to 10NM
Transmit distance is about 10NM
Low voltage would be alarm
Sending the current voltage value in time
Built-in antenna

Shaly Shi

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