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Subject: Hockey Statistics App: Your Opinion?
Hi everybody!

I´d like to present you a brand new app for Android which I developed in collaboration with trainers and players.
Since the app is still evolving, I would like to know your thoughts about it. If you have any ideas, doubts, or simply what you think about it!

The focus is clearly on a lightweight, intuitive handling. After creating your team and its players (with jersey numbers, pics and logos) and at least one season and tournament, you can immediately start with the first game. Every action can be recorded with 2 clicks, the first selects the player, the second the action (i.e. "goal in power play", "goal allowed".
You will than have extensive statistics already during the game, and a complete statistic for the whole season. Every statistic can be shared by email.

Here is the link:

Moreover, this is a demo version:

Thanks for every feedback and new idea you may give!


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